Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Indie Frenzy!

I am so honored to be the Indie Frenzy author on The Bookish Brunette, run by one of my favorite book bloggers, the always-fabulous Ashley (all hail the Zombie Queen!). Indie Frenzy is a new feature on her blog where she showcases an indie author with giveaways, guest posts, reviews, and interviews. If you're an indie author and you'd like to be featured, sign up here.

In my guest post, I share a bit about the main character, Corinne, and the two most important people in her life: her best friend Angeline, and her oldest friend and sort-of, not-really boyfriend Mason.

When life gets weird, you need your best friend there with you to help you figure it out, and in this scene, Corinne and Angeline are trying to work out exactly what’s going on..... Read my guest post....

Author K.C. Neal :: Pyxis Series :: YA Paranormal Fantasy

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