Monday, December 29, 2014

Coming in 2015! Eee!!

We aren't quite done with 2014 yet, but I'm already SO excited about what's coming in 2015! Here's what's in store the first half of next year. Be sure to visit (I'll continue to post updates on the blog here, but I've moved all of my links and book info over there).

Here's What You Can Look Forward to in 2015:

  • February 2015 – Helia’s Shadow Part Two (Starlight Age Book Two). If you read Part One, you were left hanging! Sorry about that . . . okay, I’m not really sorry at all heehee. Don’t miss the dramatic conclusion to Helia’s story.
  • April 2015 – Arrival Day (Starlight Age prequel). This is the story of Kalo’s first questioning of the Talan Universal Mission, the Arrival Day when he pulls 6-year-old Helia back from the edge of the stage, Gordon’s early years trading with the Outlanders, his introduction to the secret Haven anti-alien group that would become Minnow’s militia, and Zira’s early plot to escape the cityship and end the Mission and Reku’s reign. Arrival Day captures the pivotal moments when these Talans and Earthborns became the leaders of a revolution. A must-read for Helia’s Shadow fans!
  • May 2015 – Scourge of Angels (Dark Times Series Book One - Futuristic Paranormal Fantasy Romance). Weapons of war reduced much of Earth to a wasteland, but that wasn’t the worst of it. They also unleashed the Sethari Nephilim, and that’s when hell really broke loose. The Sethari, descendants of unions between mortals and fallen angels, hunt humans with relentless bloodlust. Humans cling to existence while searching for the key to releasing the Sethari’s enemy, the Ahlmai Nephilim. Recruiting the Ahlmai is humans’ only hope of driving the murderous Sethari back to the dimension of hell they came from. Gin fights for survival in the South Quarter, and believes she’s as safe as anyone can expect to be in the dark times. But she’s destined to join a much larger battle that spans Heaven and Earth.
  • June 2015 – Arise: The Conflux (Pyxis Series Book Three). Corinne, Mason, Angeline, and Sophie must face their most powerful enemy, but Ang and Mason are still weak from Harriet’s attack. Even with Zane on the way and an unexpected offer of help from a former enemy, Corinne is still struggling to strengthen her union and her own abilities. Will Corinne and her friends survive winter solstice?

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