Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Want to Read a Teaser from Alight (Pyxis Book 2)?

I'm starting a newsletter this year, and in a few days I'll be sending out the first message. In each newsletter there's a chance for a subscriber-only prize, aaaaand... I decided to include a rough-draft teaser from Alight for subscriber eyes only. I plan to send out a newsletter no more frequently than once a month, so no worries about inbox overload. :)

Don't forget to confirm your subscription via the message that will show up in your inbox after you sign up on the form.

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The Romance Bookie said...

Can't wait to read the "Alight" teaser!!! :)

Amy said...

wooohoo!! Awesome. I am already subscribed I think. I will do it again just in case. :)

K.C. Neal said...

Yay, thanks ladies! :)