Monday, October 10, 2011

Pyxis Sneak Peek Mini Tour & Giveaway!

Pyxis: The Discovery doesn't release til November 4th, but this week, four of my book blogging friends are rolling out a sneak peek of the book! Here's what's in store:

Tuesday on Spades High Reads: Read the first chapter of Pyxis: The Discovery

Wednesday on YA-aholic: Read the second chapter + Haley's review

Thursday on BelleBooks: Watch my first video interview (actually, the first video of me anywhere on the web :) + read Emma's review

Friday on K-Books: Giveaway! Enter to win 2 ebooks, PYXIS by moi, and AIREL by Aaron Patterson & Chris White + read Kayleigh's review

Many, many thanks to these fabulous bloggers for hosting this mini tour!

Author K.C. Neal :: Pyxis Series :: YA Paranormal


Anonymous said...

It's on my review list before release. :D

K.C. Neal said...

Yay, thanks Julie and co! :D

Jeff Reid said...

Pyxis (The Discovery) is now on, where everyone can play casting director and 'cast' the movie. Fun, free, and non-spamming. Who do YOU see in the movie? ;-)

Jeff Reid
"for the movie in your mind"