Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let's Be Extraordinary! Guest Post by Devri Walls

As great as it is to connect with other writers online, I love meeting them in person. I met soon-to-be-published-author Devri Walls several weeks ago, and was thrilled to find out she writes YA fantasy, too.  After reading this excerpt and hearing her talk about Wings of Arian, I can't wait to read her debut novel! Welcome to the blog, Devri....

Let's Be Extraordinary!
by Devri Walls

           Nobody is truly comfortable with being ordinary, average. Deep down, sometimes only admitted to ourselves, is the desire to be extraordinary in one thing or another. Some try to live out that extraordinary desire by doing extraordinary things. Some jump off mountains, or out of airplanes. Others climb that mountain to achieve what few others have. And the rest of us? Well, we READ!
            In reading we can see and do and be and experience anything! We can ride a bullet train, clinging to the outside while chasing the evil villain! Or if you’re like me, you can leave to worlds and things that do not exist here. I read what I write and I write what I read, YA fantasy! Why? Well, who doesn’t like fantasy? Whether its magic wands or flying horses, it releases the imagination and makes us feel the way we want to feel, like anything is possible. And that right there, is what makes writing it so fun. Anything is possible. There are no rules except those you create yourself. It is a world in which I decide when the sun sets, how tall trees grow and of course what magic works, and what doesn’t.
            This book of mine, entitled Wings of Arian, is full of amazing creatures and things. And it is only the beginning! Book two opens it up further, looking into creatures that hatched inside of my head and I am itching to show you. ( No, really itching! I am forcing myself not to tell you about my favorite two..better move on before my hand disobeys my brain and types it anyway.)
            Now, if you were to live in Meros, and if you were lucky enough to have some magical abilities you would be able to tune into threads. Rather than explain it, I will let Aleric do it for me. Here is a snippet of Wings of Arian

            The King lowered himself into his chair staring at the book as if it were a viper about to strike. ”How do you know that evil is returning?”
            Aleric let out a deep breath. “I felt it. It's what we of the magical community call a thread.” The King looked at him as he normally did when ever magic was discussed, like he had sprouted a second head. “This world is inhabited by many creatures both magical and non magical, all with threads. It is the essence of our life force. These threads” he explained, “weave themselves together in a beautiful tapestry. Each thread shines with different intensities; each is unique to its master. A thousand years ago, after the battle and before Arian made his prophesy, the dark threads that had been woven in were finally silenced.” Aleric frowned. “But this morning, one wove itself back in.”
            The King sat, eyebrows knitted together. “Just one? One is easily contained, don't you think?”
            “No, this was not any thread your Majesty. This was the thread.” He could still feel it, like a black snake weaving itself in and out of the other threads, marring the tapestry he knew so well. “The power was, impressive. I have no doubt it was Dralazar. He will call his people to him and then, everything you have tried to hide from this people will be marching through the village square.” Aleric gestured out the window. “Including magic.”

           Fun right!? Ok, so the whole village is about to be threatened by evil, maybe fun isn't the right word. But threads, I loved it! Feeling the intentions and essence of another run through your heart like a thread, telling you what you need to know. Although sometimes it would be uncomfortable, knowledge is power!
            There may be one more thing that is just as fun as inventing your own world. Writing a love story. Which is perfect because young adult fantasy can be BOTH! Heart stuttering, swooning love stories. Sigh..... My husband asked me if the main character looked just like him. I ho hummed for a bit before I admitted that no, no he did not. And could not help but laugh as he joked that he was, sorry he wasn’t my ‘ideal man’ as he huffed around the house. Which is of course not true. My husband does however insist on cutting his hair irritatingly short and Emane, well Emane has this nice blond hair that barely falls over his forehead, and .... Well, needless to say I made him up, of course he's dreamy! But, Emane is not there when I cry my eyes out at night, so my husband ultimately won out in the end.
            With writing I do not need anything more than my imagination, and words to create entire worlds, people and creatures. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a book, or pick up a pen, and lets become extraordinary!
            My book, Wings of Arian, is scheduled for release in April of 2012 and I am currently working on book two, Wings of Tavea. You can find me on Facebook or Twitter under Devri Walls. You can also try devriwalls.com, or if you would like to listen to more musing and random stories you can check out my blog at writingmyfuture.com. Thanks To KC Neal for letting me invade her blog and being a smiling face when I needed one most! 

Author K.C. Neal :: Pyxis Series :: YA Paranormal


Amy said...

Great post. The book sounds really great. I will be looking forward to reading it when it comes out. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for having me Kate! I feel so lucky to have received a spot on this awesome blog!

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy! I will keep you updated!

K.C. Neal said...

You're welcome, Devri!! You can guest here any time. :) Loved the teaser, can't wait to read the whole thing. Let's meet up again soon!

BrianE424 said...

threads...how interesting. Hard to tell from your teaser, but I gather both good and evil radiate along those lines. The thread concept is fascinating: reminds me of Grima Wormtongue in Tolkien's The Two Towers who beguiled the King of Rohan into passivity...until the King came to his senses and booted Wormtongue out of the Palace!
Great concept and I can't wait to read more about it. Good Luck.

Unknown said...

Thanks Brian. Yes, it works with both good and evil. Which, as you can imagine, provides a problem during battles. Hard to sneak up on anyone when they can feel you coming. Had to come up with some interesting magical solutions!