Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Do a Book Blog Tour?

I've gained a bit of a reputation about book blog tours - I've coordinated five of them (the fifth starts in a week) and well over 200 blog appearances, just in the past 4 months - and I hear this a lot: "You're always touring!"

I get a ton of questions from author friends about all aspects of book blog tours - what they are, how to find bloggers, how to approach bloggers, how to get bloggers to review a book, how to structure giveaways, how to manage all of the details of a book blog tour. Book blog tours are kind of my thing. :) And for reals, I LOVE talking about this stuff!

So... Why Do a Book Blog Tour?

Targeting: Reach your target reader audience by getting featured on genre-specific blogs

Exposure: Many blogs have hundreds or thousands of followers

Reviews: Book bloggers review books; reviews are important for buyer confidence

Efficiency: You’ll reach many more people than you could with a bookstore signing tour… without even leaving your home.

Who Should Do a Book Blog Tour?

Anyone who's trying to sell a book. It doesn't matter whether your book will be released soon or has been out for years, whether it's fiction or non-fiction. There are blogs out there for all topics and genres.

Learn How To Do Your Own Blog Tour
 I'm co-teaching a webinar on February 1st, 10 Steps to a Successful Blog Tour. If you want to do a blog tour and you're not sure about where to start or how to do it, this is the course for you. You'll learn the essential steps to planning and executing your own successful blog tour, plus tips for building relationships with book bloggers and creating a tour that stands out from the rest. The webinar is $50, 2 hours long. I have a system that's worked extremely well for me, and I will teach you everything I know in this course, and in Part 2: Advanced Tips and Techniques for Blog Tours (in March).

StoneHouse University Webinar: 10 Steps to a Successful Blog Tour

Author K.C. Neal :: Pyxis Series :: YA Paranormal


Bibliotropic said...

Book tours are wonderful things, for author, reader, and reviewer alike. Authors get increased exposure, readers get a wide selection of opinions, and reviewers get a book plus increase hits on their own blogs from linkbacks. I love participating in them, when I can.

K.C. Neal said...

Me too! I love working with my book blogging friends - they make me glad to be an author.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to do a blog tour --- I did sort of an anemic half-arsed one at one time. I think about it - but then I get busy and chaotic and discombobulated and never follow through.

I'm always afraid I'll not be able to keep up, or that people will be sick of hearing about me/my books or seeing my grinnin' face all over creation.

But, I love bloggers and book bloggers, so . . .

I'm over here from twitter - just to show you it does work to post to twitter!

K.C. Neal said...

Thanks for your comment, Kathryn. Blog tours can be a bit consuming! I'm in the middle of my fifth right now, and while I absolutely love working with book bloggers, I'm not going to do another one for a bit. But they're great for exposure, and if you don't want to plan and run one yourself, you can always hire it out. :)

Joe Voutour said...

Thanks K.C. for your comments on a very interesting marketing idea. 100 years or so ago I managed a couple College Bookstores for 10 years and loved having authors come for book signings and we always had them start with a talk. I love seeing this done with eBooks in a rather special way. Sorry to have missed your webinars, please let me know when you do your next one as I would like to know how your blog tours are organized. Thanks again.
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